Members of AIGA Arizona Discuss PHXDW on Business Radio X

We’ve talked a lot about the keynote speakers who will be at the 10th annual Phoenix Design Week (PHXDW) on October 5-12, 2018, but there’s even more to be said about what goes on behind the scenes. More specifically, who is working behind the scenes to pull off this world-class event.

Meet AIGA Arizona, the state’s local AIGA chapter. AIGA is the professional association for design, working to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. Representing a worldwide community of over 25,000 design advocates, AIGA unites practitioners, enthusiasts, and patrons to amplify the voice of design and create the vision for a collective future.

Formed in 1989, AIGA Arizona serves the graphic design community and those in related fields within the state and augments activities of the national AIGA organization. The group of volunteers that make up AIGA Arizona are the ones pulling the strings for the chapter’s premier annual event, PHXDW.

Last week, a few members of AIGA Arizona’s board of directors and a representative from Prisma, the title print sponsor for PHXDW 2018, sat down with Karen Nowicki, the host of Business Radio X, to discuss AIGA Arizona and PHXDW further.

Take a listen here!