Bloguettes: Lorena Garcia + Sakura Considine


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“How To Use Social Media and Blogging To Your Advantage as a Woman In Business”

Saturday, October 6th @ 11:35am

This presentation will be led by Lorena Garcia and Sakura Considine, co-founders of Bloguettes, a Phoenix creative strategy and design studio. As women entrepreneurs, Lorena and Sakura will be diving into the topics of blogging and social media discussing what it takes to stand out in today’s digital space. You’ll learn tangible tips and tricks for making the most of blogging and social media in order to grow your brand and pursue your business ventures.

Don’t worry fellas…there will be lots of vital advice for you too. Everyone is welcome!



ABOUT LORENA: Lorena has an MBA in finance and is an entrepreneur at heart. She first realized her love for business and entrepreneurship while working at a real estate company. She left the business to pursue her passion for technology and the digital industry. Lorena is now the co-founder of two successful companies: Bloguettes, a creative strategy and design studio and Majka, a company that creates nutritional products and lactation support for new moms. She is head of business development with a focus on growing both companies. In her spare time, Lorena manages her own blog, Call Me Lore.


ABOUT SAKURA: Sakura found her passion for graphic design, photography and the Internet world at the age of 12. In middle school, she hustled and taught herself basic HTML coding to design and build custom MySpace pages for her friends. She attended Arizona State University and majored in business marketing and Japanese, however she realized her true interests were in blogging and marketing. Today, Sakura is the co-founder and creative brand director of Bloguettes, a creative strategy and design studio, where she oversees all of the visual elements of the brand, including photography and design. In her spare time, Sakura manages her own design and lifestyle blog, Something Sakura.