Cat Swetel

Strategy Consultant, Lost Embossing

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“UX and A3 Thinking: User First Problem Exploration”
Sunday, October 7th @ 10:15am

A3 Thinking (pioneered by Toyota) is a method for problem exploration and validation. It can mitigate the risk of delivering unneeded products and features by helping to identify, explore, and validate problems and solutions in a disciplined manner. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to use an empathy map, a common UX tool, to inform the A3 process, write great hypotheses, and design effective experiments. This workshop is ideal for those in a UX role or anyone working on an Agile team currently using personas or empathy maps.


Cat is a consultant specializing in lean inspired, data-informed organization design for technology organizations. She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEAM as a means of creating the possibility of a more equitable human future based on generative institutions. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys hiking, reading feminist literature, and making jokes about Bitcoin.