Eric Torres

Designer / Illustrator, Eric Torres

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“Ramen Doodles!”

Saturday, October 6th @ 11:35am

Eric’s an avid doodler, designer, and dreamer. In this breakout presentation, he shares tips and tricks for using drawing to open a new dimension in your creative process. Whether you’re interested in illustration as a side hustle, a full-time business, or another way to achieve more zen in your life, this session will show you how to relax your mind and prepare yourself for an epic creative journey.

Things to bring: Something to draw with. Something to draw on. A brain ready for a fun and a chill time!



ABOUT ERIC: Eric Torres is a Phoenix-born artist, designer and illustrator. His experience includes working with brands such as Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, Harkins Theaters, Toyota, UPS, and most recently W.L. Gore & Associates. Eric also accepts commissions and publishes self-initiated work through his independent studio Specimen Design.

Eric is an active member of the Phoenix design community. He volunteers regularly on behalf of schools, universities, and organizations such as AIGA. (AIGA Centennial Celebration, AIGA100 Chairs, Phoenix Design Week, Method+Madness Conference.) Through these endeavors, Eric seeks not just to support the next generation of creative professionals, but to learn from their experiences and perspectives.