Lynn Fisher

Web Designer, &yet

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Art, the web and tiny UX

Sunday, October 7th @ 2:05pm

The web is big and our work can affect millions of people. Designing for these huge user experiences is such a challenge. I want to take a look though, at the smaller parts of the web — where art, design, tech and personal obsession intersect. It’s a different kind of user experience on the web, one of the most powerful and creative mediums ever.

Lynn Fisher is an artist and designer who makes things for the web. She’s been building websites for the last fifteen years, a career jumpstarted with a fansite dedicated to a local rock band. It was beloved by at least two people.

Today she designs and develops interfaces with the team at &yet, a software consultancy that shares her passion for doing weird, ambitious projects and examining the intersections of art, technology and humanity.

She specializes in light-hearted projects that make people say, “I don’t get it.” Her work has been featured on CNN, NPR, Vox and NET magazine.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Clay, and their two pups, Boomer and Helo.