Michelle Fehler

Clinical Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

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“Illuminating Nature’s Secrets”
Saturday, October 6th @ 11:35am

Nature has the potential to inspire new solutions for more innovative and sustainable designs. Many deep patterns as well as organisms exhibit strategies that can help us. Through learning about the organisms, designers can reframe the problems, look for different approaches to solve them and end up with creative solutions. Come find out why you can make your time outdoors part of your daily job in order to become a healthy, happy and creative designer.


Michelle is a Biomimicry Professional and a Visual Communication Designer who is passionate about connecting Nature’s fantastic strategies to design. Her goal is to inspire designers to tap into nature’s solutions in order to find more innovative and creative solutions. Her research focuses on defining a life-centered design thinking methodology that allows the infusion of biomimicry thinking into the traditional design thinking and human-centered design process. She is looking at various tools and processes that make the biomimetic approach more accessible to designers. As a Clinical Assistant Professor at The Design School at Arizona State University, she teaches various multi-disciplinary design studios, lectures, and seminars to undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, she teaches a practicum course as part of the Master’s Biomimicry Program at ASU. She has presented her work at various conferences such as at the World Usability Day, AIGA Y-conference, SustainbleUX, Audubon society, and Target HQ.