Shari Benko

User Experience Designer, General Dynamics Mission Systems

AI needs UX and UX needs AI
Saturday, October 6th @ 11:35am

There are many reasons why people fear and distrust the concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning. By failing to take that fear and distrust into account when designing and deploying AI algorithms, data scientists risk slower user adoption or failure to adopt AI for positive outcomes. AI needs UX in specific areas of the AI development workflow, and UX designers need to start advocating for their inclusion in developing AI technologies.  UX designers are also too slow to recognize the significant positive impact that AI technology could have on improved user experiences. AI needs UX and UX needs AI.



ABOUT SHARI: After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2001, Shari Benko started her design career in television graphic design, spent 13 years as a print graphic designer, and finally earned a Master’s Degree in Interactive Media in 2015. After spending 2 years at Intel designing tools to make AI a reality, Shari joined the UX team at General Dynamics where she is currently pushing the boundaries of designing intelligent user interfaces and ensuring that UX becomes a standard practice for new AI technology.